The art of bonsai originated in China but was curious in Japanese aristocrats focused on rare species and who came to Japan as gifts for the nobility and samurai and gradually spread to the rest of the population.

  Bonsai is a Japanese art form of miniature trees grown in containers. It is in Japan where the bonsai developed its own aesthetic and philosophy. Today there is a big difference between Japanese and Chinese bonsai, the Japanese being a tree much more natural with more attention to presentation and detail.

The bonsai becomes part of Zen Buddhism, understanding the relationship between man and nature and respect for the universe so that the function of bonsai is primarily contemplation (for the viewer) is a meditation exercise and exercise nice effort and ingenuity (for which it is grown).

Why we offer this page you can find from own cultivation products for those who are interested in getting one, as care tips and news about bonsai.


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